So Brady Terrorists protested one person who was open carrying and the rest of those there to exercise free speech by having open 2A discussions in Pleasant Hill today. Attacking your rights. Once they get one taken, free speech is next on the chopping block?


Racist group Brady Campaign Against Gun violence protested today against the 2nd Amendment Discussion group which meets every week at Starbucks.

These attacks need to stop against the rights of minorities, disabled and women. Brady Terrorists threatened to inflict violence on counter protesters in the crowd due to conflicting views.

There was one person open carrying who showed up to support the rights of those who were there to participate in discussions. Many of us continued discussions while counter protesting against Brady Terror. Nobody was hurt and the police supported the 2nd amendment group by providing assistance to us. The police took almost 15 minutes to show up so the person threatened remained in Starbucks where Brady Campaign will not enter until the police arrived. The one person carrying a firearm offered to arrest the Brady Campaign member until the police could get there.

We will continue to keep our freedom and fight back against oppression, racism and harassment by those who defend criminal and terrorist actions against the law abiding such as the Brady Campaign.

AB 144 touts gun control due to fear that criminals may carry guns or copycat open carry. The truth is that these legislators are afraid people of color, women and disabled will carry guns openly. So why fear this? Gun control groups are highly made up of older white people who grew up in an era where racism was acceptable. The only way to return to our racist roots and take California backwards is by using the age old, time tested control measures of removing guns from those who oppose their viewpoints, those who may just stand up for the freedoms of those who reside in this state.

In the last legislative session under AB 1934 (Saldana) the staff and Lori Saldana said the elderly and disabled should not have guns. The reason why elderly should not have guns was due to after age 60 they "may shake". The reason for disabled was those without full function "cannot control a gun". These statements grow from ignorance and oppression. My response last year was asking them if I should have a gun. They agreed I would be fine. I argued I am on and off crutches due to a spine condition. That was when these people conceded and said "well maybe there are a few exceptions". I believe ALL law abiding citizens should have the means to self protection whether or not they are 100% physically no matter the color or age.

To read more about the racist history of gun control please visit
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An Effort to Harass via Brady Terrorists
Last week I was notified that the regular political action discussion groups held by Nor Cal Open Carry and the Second Amendment Action Group will be protested by the Northern California Brady Campaign chapter located near Pleasant Hill CA.

It seems the target of all related protests has been Alany Helmantoler who lobbies on behalf of firearms rights in California on behalf of many groups.

It seems there is a protest as emailed being lead by Karen Artzen of the Brady Bunch Terrorists as an effort to stop free assembly activities being lead at Starbucks on Contra Costa Blvd in Pleasant Hill. The activity is meant to protest open carry, however, it is not protesting open carry at all.

The 2nd Amendment Action Group of the Tea Party, Nor Cal Open Carry, Various other gun rights groups get together for coffee on Saturday mornings from 10-12 every weekend. Last week due to rain there was a reduced number of people (9). Out of the 9 only 2 people were open carrying. All groups are welcome to come and contribute. The topic was a new ammunition registration bill SB 427 from Kevin DeLeon. These action alerts were handed out and had nothing to do with open carry. -and text-

Most weeks what is most current is what is discussed with these groups. Next week will only be slightly different due to protesters but will still be held since we tend to be a stubborn group who do not like any infringement of rights.

Brady Terrorists started a gun free dining project and has been harassing businesses and bullying patrons of those businesses, this is no different. This is not the location of an open carry meet which will immediately proceed this discussion group in another city. This protest is against the free assembly activity of the tea party and other gun rights groups.

At some point someone must do something about the Brady Bunch by getting their non-profit license removed on the basis of a violation of the directives. Brady does nothing to reduce gun violence but instead it advocates violence and harassment of those who follow the laws instead of those who use guns in crimes.