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Thread: Interest in an Open Carry 5k running race

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    Interest in an Open Carry 5k running race

    Part of normalizing behavior for open carry is to demonstrate normal people engaged in a normal activity. I'm interested in setting up a 5k foot race in southern California (coastal San Diego) and wanted gauge what the interest level would be in this forum for such an event.

    Obviously there are lots of foot races available, but this one would have the distinction of it's entrants would legally open carrying in the state of California.

    The intention of this race would be to create a media event normalizing open carry behavior to drive public awareness that a diverse group of normal citizens wants to open carry. We get painted into a corner from a public perception standpoint as 'gun nuts'. This counters that false perception by showing who we really are.

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    With unloaded open carry, you don't have to worry if the gun is going to go off when it's dropped (which it wouldn't anyway).

    Make sure you do it with official looking race numbers.
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    I think that would look a little funny...

    More importantly there are other concerns. I have started to CC while running and while it is a compact 40 cal it is still a bit large. I think it removed the hair from my back before I started running smooth enough to not have it moving like a polishing stone. I would recommend a subcompact pistol, in the keltec size for OC or CC.

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