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Thread: Frank Buckles, Last World War I Doughboy, Is Dead at 110

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    Frank Buckles, Last World War I Doughboy, Is Dead at 110

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    His generation was America's other "Greatest Generation". All of them honestly believed that war would end all wars because it was so terrible.

    You can go to France and Luxembourg and still see very carefully tended cemeteries from that war.

    Remember Mr. Buckles when November the eleventh rolls around again. Their war ended at 11:00am, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. It was always "Armistice Day" to those magnificent old men.

    I'm also sure that Mr. Buckles' family misses him as much as I miss another veteran of WWI; My father who served in the Field Artillery and was in France when the war ended.

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    A moment of silence...

    ...Thank you.
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    Old solder's never die...they get promoted to a better service! When you love your freedoms, thank a veteran!! RIP sir, God bless the USA!
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    When I lived in Martinsburg WV, I had the honor to meet Mr Buckles on several occasions. The print shop I worked for did all the work for the local VFW, and he came into our shop a few times.

    He was a delightful man--very humble and friendly. He was a TRUE hero--even if he never saw combat--and I am proud to say I met him.

    I'm sure he will be missed by the veterans--and ALL who knew him--in the Eastern Panhandle of WV. He was indeed, a National Treasure, and he deserves to be interred in Arlington (which BTW, is an honor that the Veterans Administration fought AGAINST...), in accordance with his final wishes.

    You will be missed, Mr. Buckles.
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