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Thread: Atty. general: Illinois should release FOID card list

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    Angry Atty. general: Illinois should release FOID card list

    Illinois gun control - let the gangs know who has a gun that they can steal. Then LACs won't have any weapons!,6114050.story

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    I just heard about this. OCDO community should know about this, so I am going to post it in the news and politics sub-forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dipper View Post
    Illinois gun control - let the gangs know who has a gun that they can steal. Then LACs won't have any weapons!,6114050.story
    How about the Brady ******** release a list of their supporters? That way criminals know where the sheep are who are ripe for action.

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    I believe this is in response to rep. Morthlands bill that would form a committee to investigate the entire foid process. Rep morthland and I conversed for about an hour 2 weeks ago and he mentioned his intention to submit this bill.

    His reasoning is that he has heard of people getting denied their foid even though there is legally no reason for it to happen.

    I don't see this as a "hey guys here is where you can steal guns at" but more of a "see this is how fubar il is when it comes to following it's own stupid assinine laws"

    This investigation would be a positive thing that would push IL closer to becoming part of the usa again...
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    The Illinois State Police has refused to release FOID card holder names. I was glad to hear this. This brings out in the news how anti-gun Lisa Madigan is. Maybe this will get gun owners mad enough that Lisa Madigan and some anti-gun democrats and the current anti-gun governor don't get reelected come the next elections.
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    I think they should release the names and then when a gun crime occurs against a gun owner than Lisa Madigan should be charged as an accessory.

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    This was reported on KMOX Radio Monday (2/28) morning, so I contacted Madigan's office in the Belleville area.

    They transferred me to "Constituent Services" in Springfield. I was told that their phone number there is 217-782-9394 and I talked with a Mr. Mike Matulis.

    He explained that the Associated Press request does follow "case law" and is a legitimate request. He also informed me that he does believe that the ISP intends to fight this in the courts. He added that there is at least one bill (possibly two) in the State House that would amend the law to KEEP the FOID records "non-public".

    Mr. Matulis suggested that we contact all the politicians we can, even if they are not our own, to urge them to support these measures.

    Here is the home page for the AG's office. There is a "Contact Us" link at the top right.

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