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Thread: Gun buy back

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    Gun buy back

    Now this is how the gun buy back programs should be.

    My only issue is if this would be covered by private party sales or if this org uses a Federally licensed dealer for the transfer to individuals that TAG gives the guns to. Using a dealer, while not necessarily required, would remove even the appearance of impropriaty.

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    The term "Gun buy back" is wrong. It implies that the government owned the guns in the first place. If you must use the term "gun buy back" put it into quotations.
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    I think it's a superb idea!

    The article mentioned $30,000 in Visa vouchers for groceries. Gee, I wonder which taxpayers those funds came from? TAG's alternative will not only cost the taxpayers $0 funds, it's putting those firearms into the hands of law-abiding citizens who would otherwise be able to afford self-defense.

    Talk about a win-win situation!

    I'd love to seen some follow-up on this. I'd be interested in knowing how many folks go with TAG, and how many folks go with the APD.
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