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Thread: email this reporter re: warrantless DUI checkpoints [deadline 19:00 EST WED 02MAR]

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    Exclamation email this reporter re: warrantless DUI checkpoints [deadline 19:00 EST WED 02MAR]

    I'm on an email list where reporters looking for story sources post w/ their needs, and whoever knows something about the subject can respond.
    Keep your responses civil and on-point, and of course factual rather than emotional.
    Also note the deadline; the email becomes inoperable after that.

    Opponents of DUI Checkpoints
    Name: Fernando Gallo
    Media Outlet: Lodi News-Sentinel
    Deadline: 07:00 PM EST - 2 March
    Need someone who is a vocal opponent of DUI checkpoints, specifically someone who feels they target unlicensed drivers or are mostly revenue generators.
    In my reply I mentioned:
    -->the lack of reasonable articulable suspicion (don't use an acronym until you explain what it means),
    -->and our right to be free from unwarranted searches via the 4th Amendment,
    -->and how checkpoints are a waste of resources for the few DUIs they catch,
    -->and compared DUI checkpoints to stopping anyone with children to make sure they weren't registered sex offenders,
    -->and mentioned that many of these same arguments can be used against the warrantless, suspicionless citizenship checkpoints inside the USA (mostly in the southwest, but some have appeared near the Canadian border).

    I forgot to mention that they turn into fishing expeditions, going from looking for DUIs to ticketing people for anything the officers can make up (or find after coercing people to give up their right against self-incrimination and their right against unwarranted searches).
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