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Thread: Old vs. New/Modern ammo...dont make em like they used to?

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    Old vs. New/Modern ammo...dont make em like they used to?

    Ref. the 845 post, and what I noticed about the 230 grain fmj blazers Id fired:

    Here's a pair of slugs from some old Army-issue .45 230 fmj from about 15 yrs or so ago, that I still had around..

    Note the coloration, and the thickness of the jacket...deformation was from having been fired into a tree.

    One of the Blazer slugs from yesterday...

    and side-by-side

    In the hand, the Blazer slugs are lighter-feeling, and softer. easy to dent/flatten
    The old Army ball rounds- feel heavier in the hand, more solid,somehow...

    Not sure one is better/worse than the other. just an odd observation

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    My guess would be that the blaser jacket is much thinner, leading to increased deformation. I've seen similar deformation to the blaser several times, but usually on "economy" ammo. It's not really a concern to me, unless I planned on using fmj as defensive ammo, which I wouldn't.

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    There are varying levels of lead hardness, depending on the particular chemical makeup of the alloy. That's probably more of a factor than jacket thickness.

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