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Thread: No Shooting Zone Meeting 2 March 7pm

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    No Shooting Zone Meeting 2 March 7pm

    Just got this notice today. I know it's short notice, but especially if you live in Thurston County you should try to make the meeting.

    Washington: Thurston County Board of Commissioners to

    Consider No-Shooting Ordinance Tonight

    Please contact the Thurston County Commissioners immediately!

    The NRA has just learned that the Thurston County Board of Commissioners will take public testimony on a proposed No-Shooting ordinance tonight in Building One, Room 152 of the Thurston County Courthouse from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

    Sorry I posted it before I saw some one else did.

    This proposed firearms discharge ban ordinance would create a no-shooting zone for all land and marine waters of Puget Sound lying 300 yards, waterward, from the ordinary high water line. This would negatively impact hunters and sportsmen in Thurston County.

    This ordinance would also declare all areas zoned for residential densities of greater than one dwelling unit per five acres as a no-shooting zone. This does not mean that there must be a population density justifying it or safety issues present but, rather, that the rural property simply be zoned as such - even if there are no homes on the property. This proposed ordinance would immediately convert large areas of Thurston County into a no-shooting zone.

    If possible, plan to attend tonight’s hearing and make your views known. If you cannot attend, please contact the Thurston County Commissioners by phone and e-mail. Your three County Commissioners are:

    Cathy Wolfe (District 1)
    Sandra Romero (District 2)
    Karen Valenzuela (District 3)

    They can all be reached by phone at (360)786-5440 or via e-mail by clicking here.

    The Thurston County Courthouse Complex is located at 2000 Lakeridge Drive, SW in Olympia.
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