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Thread: Glock 36

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    Glock 36

    Does anyone OC one and if so what holsters do you use?
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    I use a Blackhawk holster for my Glock27. OC and CC with it. The Glock locks in place so no one grab it. Fits snug. Can be on my belt or as a paddle holster. Love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by greatsimon View Post
    Does anyone OC one and if so what holsters do you use?
    Yes I have been known to OC one of these, the Blackhawk SERPAS work nicely. If you need to carry extra magazines, you need to get pouches for double stack size mags even though the Glock 36 is technically single stack.
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    I OC and CC my Glock 36 in a black Serpa CQC, with matching black mag carrier, worn at 3:00 and 8:00 respectively.

    With the Serpa mag carriers, "Nevada Carrier's" observations also apply--you'll need one of Blackhawk's "Double Stack Mag Carriers", because the single-stack carriers aren't wide enough for the thick plastic Glock single-stack mags that the "36" uses. Also, the stock G-36 mag is VERY short, and the butt plate will ride almost flush with the top o the carrier, and it makes it a little tricky to draw quickly. However, if you use a Pearce extended (+1) buttplate, it gives you a little more substantial handle on the shot mags the G-36 uses. Plus it looks REALLY cool...

    For deep CC, I use a Galco IWB "Stow-n-Go" worn at 4:00.

    Both fit perfectly, ride comfortably, and draw easily and smoothly. Both are secure. Both look good, and have held up well, after about 6 months of near-constant use. Neither have produced ANY noticeable wear on the Glock's finish or frame, with near daily carry for 6 months.

    I can't recommend the Serpa CQC highly enough. It draws like lightning, is secure and stable, and is VERY comfy for OC or winter (under a big coat or bulky sweater) CC.
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