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Thread: Test Fire Brass

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    Test Fire Brass

    My son in law purchased a pair of Ruger Vaquero's yesterday. Per ATF regulations he had to fill out the "multiple Purchase" paper. The dealer also called the local PD to report the multiple purchase. I don't know if that is required, but, that is what was done. Not sure who did the asking, but, it was brought up about the single piece of brass included. The PD said it was to turn in to the pd in states requiring a firing pin fingerprint. Not required in Idaho. this is news to me and I am not sure this really is true. I always thought it was just a proof test fire.

    So, what's the deal with the brass?

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    That's pretty much it. Some states require 1 or more spent cartridges from a new gun (perhaps used as well, IDK). Of course the casing is completely useless as wear begins to change the characteristics immediately. Also, if you intend doing bad things with a firearm, and live where the casings are collected, a firing pin and/or barrel is relatively cheap. As far as I know, this system has never resulted in an arrest, much less a conviction.

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    IIRC, Maryland is one of the states requiring a spend shell casing to register, Washington DC is another.
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