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GRNC Alert 3-4-11:

[Analysis] North Carolina's rapid development and burgeoning population -- some of whom are illegal aliens -- is putting pressure on gun owners as county governments attempt to restrict lawful gun owners in order to mollify whining transplants from other states and, worse, to quell irresponsibility by certain immigrant groups.

"We must all stand together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately," said Benjamin Franklin. To stop county governments from exploiting loopholes in the state's preemption law, solidarity is required. You must respond, even if you don't live in the county in question.


In what some claim is "compromise," the Johnston County Board of Commissioners has responded to your demands by weakening a proposed ordinance which would have effectively banned not only shooting in the county, but even use of air rifles, bows and crossbows.

Unfortunately, as gun owners know too well, what gun control advocates call "compromise" is usually a process in which you lose slightly less than you would have under their original proposal...but you still lose. And that seems to be exactly what the Johnston commissioners have in mind.


* CALL AND E-MAIL JOHNSTON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS: See phone contacts below and use the following link for e-mail: If you are a Johnston County resident, let them know you will hold them accountable in 2012 for what they do now. If you are a non-resident, let them know that you will be advising friends, relatives and acquaintances to avoid spending money in Johnston County.

* CALL AND E-MAIL THE JOHNSTON COUNTY VISITOR'S BUREAU: Call 1-800-441-7829 and e-mail If a resident, let them know a statewide boycott is pending if the county passes its discharge ban. If a non-resident, let them know that you will be advising friends, relatives and acquaintances to avoid spending money in Johnston County.

* HELP PACK THE COMMITTEE MEETING: On Monday, March 7, show solidarity with Johnston County gun owners by showing up at the meeting. Bring friends, bear signs, and let them know in no uncertain terms that you won't stand idle while they try to restrict gun rights. Go to: Commissioners' meeting room, Johnston County Courthouse Annex, Smithfield, NC 27577. This hearing will follow the Rezoning and Special Use Hearings and other regular business, which begins at 6:00 p.m.


Chairman Allen L. Mims, Jr., 919-553-3081
Vice-Chairman Jeffrey P. Carver, 919-553-8922
Wade M. Stewart , 919-965-7500
Cookie Pope, 919-934-3662(H), 919-934-6187(W)
W. Ray Woodall, 919-965-3635(H), 919-631-3058(M)
DeVan Barbour, 919-938-2050(W), 919-621-5557(M)
Tony Braswell, 919-669-6598


Johnston County Commissioners:

What those in favor of Johnston County's proposed ordinance call "compromise," I consider to be a proposal under which gun owners lose less than they originally would have, but still lose.

Singling out lawful use of firearms as "disturbing noise" not only stigmatizes gun owners, but creates a loophole for future restrictions on shooting. The county's present noise ordinance is more than adequate to address "celebratory gun fire" by irresponsible people or groups.

Failure to remove the "disturbing noise" language will result in a statewide boycott of Johnston County, and county gun owners will pay particular attention to the slate of commission candidates in the 2012 election.

I strongly urge you to remove noise language from the proposed ordinance and will monitor your activities via Grass Roots North Carolina legislative alerts.


Johnston County Visitors Bureau:

I strongly urge you to contact the Johnston County Board of Commissioners to express concerns about its proposal to restrict lawful gun use in the county. Specifically, an attack on gun owners may trigger an unfortunate and unnecessary statewide boycott of Johnston County businesses.

Please don't waste time: The commission meets on Monday, March 7 to consider the proposal.


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