I'm going to throw this out and see if anyone wants to spear head this one. There seems to be a lot of activity in KC. KC is along way to go for a dinner or one day event from the STL area. I've been to a few of the OC City Hall events and yes they are inetesting. A year ago I did a 2A rally on the steps of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The attendance wa rather poor (about 150 or so) but we did get soem TV and radio coverage. All in all it went over well except the number were rather poor with a population of hundreds of thousands.

So, is anyone interested in having an OC picnic some place in the area? Again, I don't care to organize this but I'd like to see it happen. What would this involve and why do it? If we do it as I did for the rally at the Arch I notified every media source in the area. Invite State House and Senate members from the area. Hang signs in all of the shooting ranges and firearm stores in the area. Advertise on all of the web site possibel and give at least 3 months notice. Be sure the local laws and such are cool and get permits and talk to the local LEOs to be sure they know what is happening. I did al lof the above prior to the rally at the Arch and from the standpoint of permits, the LEOs and Feds, and Media all went well. The only shortfal in the whole venture is people talk the talk but when it is time to show up..... Duh, the dog is sick, I gotta work, oh was that this weekend......

I've talked 2A, I walked 2A I work the political powers to be. Want some thing to happen for OC? Here you preach to the choir, nothing more. I'm talking face to face with legislators every month, writing them and trying to make some thing shake. Will some one carry this ball?
OC is legal, just need a time and place and soem foot work.