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Thread: Clancy wants gun range installed

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    Clancy wants gun range installed

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    Law-abiding normal citizens of MD are CONSTANTLY having their Second Amendment rights attacked by state and local governments. But this story just goes to show that if you have enough money, you can often get the rules bent in your favor. Either owning and using a firearm in a lawful manner is a RIGHT, or it is NOT.

    This sort of thing should not be left to the whim of beaurocrats, or only extended to the super--rich. The REAL story here isn't that some super-rich condo owner wants a range in his house--it's that his financial status has put the request into some sort of "gray area", and the request hasn't summarily been denied out of hand. If this were a middle-class home-owner in a middle-class neighborhood, the City wouldn't have even bothered to research the legality of it--they would have just DENIED it.

    The "color of law" in Maryland is obviously GREEN...

    The reason someone wants a private range in MD is because most of the public ranged in MD are so crappy. Many are staffed by people who have little knowledge of firearms and are rude, snooty, sexist, and racist (against whites, mostly); are poorly lit and ventilated; are in dicey neighborhoods; are dirty; and are often frequented by clients that are, shall we say, less than responsible gun owners.

    I've never had a good experience in a MD range--and I've been an NRA member and gun enthusiast for over 25 years. When I'm in the mood to hit a range, I GLADLY drive to NoVa--the ranges are nicer and the people are more knowledgeable and more friendly.

    There are large parts of the city of Baltimore that are "open air shooting ranges" every weekend--and the Zoning Board and BPD don't seem to have much of an issue with that...

    WTF, Baltimore?!?
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