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Thread: Perfect example of biased reporting

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    Perfect example of biased reporting

    This reporter who admitted to me that she had an anti-gun bias before writing the article still breached the journalistic standards of not having a conflict of interest with the subject she was reporting on. She also did not attend the events she was reporting so going based purely on hearsay from the brady campaign about what happened.

    On a piece supposedly about open carry, its amazing how 90% of the quotes come from the brady campaign...

    You can see a copy of the email interactions with this reporter to see how ignorant her questions were and yet still did not print the correct information about the event.

    Here is the article for your entertainment:

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    I like this reply by "Catch a Wave"
    Catch A Wave
    12:04pm on Sunday, March 6, 2011
    Peter the truth hurts doesn't it? Do you dispute that the hate groups I mentioned are among the most dedicated advocates of firearm ownership in this country? In my opinion, one can tell a great deal about someone by the company they keep. As a Jew I would think about that. I can't conceive of a circumstance where one would find common ground with the Nazis. I wouldn't.

    When it comes to gun advocacy, you are in the same pot. Own it.
    Really? I seem to remember a guy named Hitler who advocated gun control.
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    Catch a Wave has taken trolling to an art form.

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    yes he has, but its fun to tug on his strings.

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    Link him to JPFO for the ultimate troll.
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    ...we are freeing men from the responsiblities of freedom, which only a few men can bare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ca Patriot View Post
    I found it odd they mentioned where the open carrier worked but not the Brady peoples place of employment.
    It's not odd. It's a character reference, one Harley made on purpose I'm sure

    But I'd also concede (based on her email) that it could also be an attempt to make things uncomfortable for him at his place of employment.

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