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Thread: OC In Shreveport

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    OC In Shreveport

    I Open Carry whenever I am out and about and so far haven't had any negative encounters here in Shreveport. Just this weekend my wife and went out to several places including a large upscale jewelry store with a uniformed officer at the front door. The officer kindly opened and held the door for us (I am in a wheelchair) and never said a word about the pistol in plain view in my lap against my tan colored shirt and the lady who assisted us never so much as batted an eye and insisted my wife try on a $79,600 ring!

    At the Sleep Number bed store the salesman was a little nervous but seemed to relax once he saw that we obviously had no ill intentions and were simply looking for a bed that my back could tolerate.

    Everywhere I have gone I have had NO issues and NO ONE has so much as mentioned the gun except for the postman who I met leaving the house one afternoon and he said that he was a "gun nut" and wanted to know what I was carrying!

    I must admit I had my reservations about moving here and how Open Carry would go over after hearing some of the horror stories about Shreveport Police giving OCers a bad time and all but that has NOT been the case at all as no one has ever been inclined to involve the police for me Openly Carrying my gun.

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    Nice!!! Cool set up too.

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    Congrats, on your adventures

    I'm heading over to Shreveport Tuesday 8th (Tomorrow afternoon) I have some business there Wednesday.

    I carry CC most of the time but have no problem OC'ing if I want. Mostly I don't carry once I get to Shreveport since I have an addiction to Buffalo Wild Wings (Bossier City boardwalk).

    Something about Hot wings and Tall Guinness which I can't get at home in Greenville, MS. just disarms me, literally.

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    Thanks for the report!

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