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Thread: Alaska state troopers show last night I ( natgeo channel)

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    Alaska state troopers show last night I ( natgeo channel)

    I generally enjoy this show, but last night they had 2 gun incidents featured. The first was a traffic stop and the passenger failed to immediatly inform Trooper Badass that he had a loaded gun under his leg. Trooper Badass was REALLY pissed off and was citing the law being that you must inform right away. He grabbed the gun away, ran the serial #'s, ect ( sound familiar?). The guy had no priors and the gun wasn't stolen, BUT he was up for trial on felony assault- but HAD NOT yet been convicted. The cop took the gun from him, wouldn't give it back, saying he could have it back if he was found not guilty or had the charge reduced to a non 2A repealing one. I was shaking my head at the BS. Is it true you have to inform immediatly with a traffic stop in AK? The trooper also said " with concealed firearms", so I guess if you are OCing in your car/truck you don't need to inform right away? LOL

    The 2nd gun incident was with a trooper ( who was much nicer than Trooper Badass) who spotted some young guys removing beer bottles from their parked car. When he asked if there were any weapons, one guy said his .45 was in the center console. The cop ran the serial #'s and it came up stolen, so he cuffed the guys till he could get more info. As he was getting the orginal info he said " this is a nice gun" like trying to get convo, but I noticed the guys excersized their 5A and said nothing. It turned out the guy with the gun WAS the owner, had reported it stolen, but had gotten the gun back and no record was made of it. So he got his gun back.

    Gun in first incident was an XD40, 2nd was a nice Springfield 1911. Trooper Badass didn't seem to be a "gun guy", as he said "XP 40" before correcting himself. I could tell it was an XD when he was clearing it. In fact when he cleared it, I didn't see him drop the mag, but he locked the slide back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD40coyote View Post
    In fact when he cleared it, I didn't see him drop the mag, but he locked the slide back?
    Now, I am the only one in this room professional enough, that I know of, to carry this XD-40. I'm the onl..."


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    Ya, I'm pretty sure officer badass over reacted just a tad...wouldn't be suprised if he got in trouble for taking the dudes gun away.

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