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Thread: AZ gun laws

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    AZ gun laws

    I know this is off topic, but i figured this would be easiest way to find out what i need. Im overseas on a government contract, my legal home is in VA. i work with a gentleman from Az who has a longgun im interested in buying. What are the AZ laws reguarding prive sales? In Va 2 people can buy and sell with no back ground check or paper work. I would pay him and have his wife ship it to my home in Va.

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    My understanding is 2 Arizona residents can sell to each other with no paperwork. Since you are not a resident of Arizona he will have to sell it through an FFL.

    His wife would not be able to ship it to you this would require a FFL.
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    Agree with the above. Needs to go through an FFL as you are not an Az resident.

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