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Thread: IL FOID List public

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    IL FOID List public

    Do we need any other reason to say we dont want permits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by civilwarguy View Post

    Do we need any other reason to say we don't want permits?
    100% Correct! The number one reason we do not want a stinkin' permit program is we do not want a registry in this country. Registries facilitate confiscation. Don't say it can't happen, it already happened in a little town by the name of New Orleans. Cops and National Guard Troops took AMERICAN'S firearms because they were ordered to do so. Constitution be damned. Pay attention or you will pay.

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    I know the board hates it, but if I lived in Illinois, I would have to break this law. Nothing, but nothing would get me to put my name on this FOID list. Even the thought of the forced FOID registration makes me sick. I guess Jim Crow is alive and well, in the fine State of Illinois...

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