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Thread: CLE credit for SC attorneys - firearms

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    CLE credit for SC attorneys - firearms

    On April 8, participants can earn 4.5 hours of CLE credit by learning about the inferences that can be drawn from gunshot residue, pellet and ejection patterns, among other evidence
    On April 9, another 1.5 hours of CLE credit can be gained. In addition to learning pistol-shooting basics such as safe loading and unloading and "how to carry, draw and holster your pistol from concealment," participants get CLE credit from a portion of the course focusing on firearms and the criminal law of homicide, manslaughter and self-defense
    Participants are instructed to arrive at the class with paper, pen and a "good attitude" and not to bring firearms with them
    (emphasis added)

    The CLE (continuing legal education credit) is good, needed, and an inovative step for the SC Bar Association. Kudos to them for putting this together.

    The instructions for Day 2 shows how far the SCBA and the Sheriff's Office conducting the training still need to go. Expecting lawyers to train and qualify for their concealed carry permit using strange firearms provided by the cops will do them no good in learning how to handle their own handgun(s).

    Where is the headbanging smiley when you need it?

    Just more evidence of how much farther things need to go.

    stay safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidmark View Post
    Where is the headbanging smiley when you need it?
    Right here. But it's not smiling. This one is, however.

    I admire their efforts, but agree with you completely. They have a long way to go. Having the attendees use their own firearms, with which they're more familiar, is an important first step.
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