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Thread: Walther Slimline

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    Walther Slimline

    Has anyone shot the Walther Slimline 40 cal. ? Wondering what it's like.

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    You talkin about the PPS?

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    Assuming you mean the PPS... My younger brother has the PPS chambered in .40 S&W and likes it a lot. I don't think he's ever had a failure in the past ~2 years. It conceals well in a Crossbreed SuperTuck since it's thin.

    I've fired 1-2 magazines through it, and wasn't entirely impressed with how it handled - I'm used to double-stack grips (S&W Sigma, SA XD, Glock 22, etc.) and the PPS was uncomfortable for me to hold. But that's all dependent on the user, of course.

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