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Thread: Attend the March 12th Fort Myers Open Carry Fishing Event for a free gift!

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    Attend the March 12th Fort Myers Open Carry Fishing Event for a free gift!

    J. Patrick Buckley, Esq., has made a generous offer to any and all who attend the March 12th open carry fishing event in Fort Myers. Mr. Buckley will be at the event at approximately 10:15 am and will give attendees a card good for 1 hour ($300 value) of free legal consultation in any of his area of practice, including firearms, self-defense, injunctions, litigation, resoration of rights, business, corporate law information, real estate, land use, administrative law, and more! Come and introduce yourself to Mr. Buckley!

    Details on the event here:
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    Heck, that's worth a drive... If we get any form of OC, you can bet we'll be needing it. Especially south-florida cops; they're not going to respect any rights without a fight.
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