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Thread: visiting las vegas from colorado?

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    visiting las vegas from colorado?

    So i will be visiting the great state of Nevada, specifically las vegas soon,
    so in Colorado
    you have to 18
    the gun can be loaded
    it has to be clearly visible
    and no carrying in federal buildings
    or places with no gun signs

    is there anything different about OC in vegas?
    or other parts of nevada?

    also any tips on things to check out while i am there
    btw i am not 21 so.. that will limit some of the things i can do there

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    In Nevada, Privately owned establishments even those with no gun signs are not off limits, but you should expect to be asked to leave. Other than that, it looks like it's the same as what you listed.

    In Nevada, the law defines concealed firearm to be one that is "not discernible to ordinary observation." There is no provision that makes it concealed if you can't see it from three sides or other nonsense that I've heard come from people in other states.

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