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Thread: Key figure in 'Gunrunner' controversy refuses to talk

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    Key figure in 'Gunrunner' controversy refuses to talk

    A central figure in the growing Project Gunrunner controversy not only declined to speak to the Seattle Gun Rights Examiner this morning, but abruptly hung up when asked about a meeting reportedly held earlier this week by other officials of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
    George Gillette, assistant special agent in charge in ATF’s Phoenix field office, returned a call placed by this column to get his perspective on what appears to be a growing scandal that is now being covered by CBS, Fox News, the Washington Post and others. But he cut the call short rather than respond to a question about the reported ATF gathering Monday.

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    Wow. It can't be a coverup, can it? The SA wouldn't do that, would they?

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