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Thread: Wonder why you can't get anything changed with the MD government?

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    Wonder why you can't get anything changed with the MD government?

    They are comprised largely of criminals...

    The MVA is helping a home invasion crime ring get info on potential victims:,5701665.story

    The #2 prosecutor in the City of Baltimore isn't licensed to practice law in MD:,4789940.story

    Baltimore PD gets busted by the Feds in a towing kickback conspiracy:

    Baltimore Sheriff's Department has a habitual "Drinking and Brandishing" problem:

    It's a miracle the government and LEAs in MD have any time left to harass, oppress and otherwise molest the good people of MD through laws and the courts--they seem to keep pretty busy doing those things on their own time. It's amazing they have enough hours in the day to accomplish all that oppression, thievery, color-of-law harassment, and outright illegal activity...

    Pro-2A legislation in MD? Yeah, right.

    How about "Shall not be a felon" legislation for elected officials and LEOs first?...
    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
    –Mark Twain

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    Maryland is my second favorite state. All the others are tied for first.

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    Maryland is like a clogged toilet. You know what's in there... and it doesn't get any better with time.

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    MD is like multiple Gordian knots. And severely impacted lower bowels. MD runs on dialysis machines, and thumbs it's nose at donar kidneys. MD is the twisted mess of still living 100 year old poison ivy vines growing through and through all of Annapolis. MD makes 5 foot high by 3 feet wide and 2 miles long dry stack stone walling look easy and quick- for one person to do. MD is if half the ants in a colony were queens and the other half the normal worker ants.

    The definition of insanity is...the MD General Assembly.

    Geeze, what a shame! So much of the state is beautiful in it's natural resources and old historical thingamajiggies.

    It is an absolute oxymoron that I was born in Takoma Park!

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