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Thread: Nevada High Way Patrol did not even ask for a driverís license.

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    Nevada High Way Patrol did not even ask for a driverís license.

    Eventful day yesterday. Wife and I heading out for a 3 day camp out. Me on my motorcycle pulling a pop-up-tent trailer my wife on her scooter. To make a very long story short. I hit a slick spot with the front tire just as I was slowing to make a turn ended up off the bike sliding down the road as I watch my bike and trailer sliding down the road without me. Good riding gear a must no injury’s, trailers ok, bike needs some cosmetic work.

    With help of others got, the bike and trailer off to the side of the road had the bike hooked back up to the trailer just as a NHP drove up. I open carry all the time and thankfully the hard case holster protected my XD40. The holster has some battle marks as does the crimson trace laser where it fits onto the butt.

    Walked back to talk to the NHP and a Metro motorcycle officer also arrived. Had a short conversation on are you ok and what happened. Back to the bike and it did not want to start right then to long on its side; NHP helped me get to a gas station. Metro did not say one word to me, he did notice the firearm. After NHP helped me get the bike off the road he asked if I was a retired LEO, I did said no also thinking, do I really look that old?! He asked if you do not mind why do you carry. Because I had just picked my ass up off the road, my normal answering routine had not come to mind. My answer was because I am allowed to carry open and no one has every bothered me when I have it. He said something like, well that is the way to do it, have a better day. In my book he was one jam up NHP officer he did not ask for a driver license, ID, insurance, asked if I needed an accident report, which I said no.
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    He asked if you do not mind why do you carry.
    "Because it discourages tailgaters."

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