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Thread: Open Carry in Green Bay

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    Open Carry in Green Bay

    I came here to find out about carrying in Green Bay. Since there was not a whole lot of information specifically to Green Bay I learned what I could and strapped on while running errands today. I had no issues, questions or funny looks. Here is a list of where in Green bay I carried, please add places in town you have successfully or unsuccessfully carried:

    East Side:
    Jimmy Johns
    Fleet Farm
    Block Buster
    Hobby Lobby
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    Simon says???
    Bale da Hay

    "Have you Spanked a leftist today; it's the Right thing to do!!!"

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    Carry on!
    No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. Thomas Jefferson (1776)

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    Best Buy & Pet Smart are GTG AACFI, Wisconsin / Minnesota Carry Certified. Action Pistol & Advanced Action pistol concepts + Urban Carbine course. When the entitlement Zombies begin looting, pillaging, raping, burning & killing..remember HEAD SHOTS it's the only way to kill a Zombie. Stockpile food & water now.

    Please support your local,county, state & Federal Law enforcement agencies, right ???

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    I OC just about EVERYWHERE i go in Green Bay, I live on the East side, every Business I frequent knows me, only because once you meet me, you do not forget that I OC.
    Just yesterday, I was in a local small business (Hardware Hank) on University Ave, and one employee made a reference to my OC, in her words, "Look, he has one of those shootie things"
    We had a nice discussion, I purchased my items and was on my way.
    I also OC while on Family walks, even while walking my dog (Pit Bull) I get a TON of looks.
    Although I did have 2 experiences w/GBPD, both situations have taught them and me, all in all, no real issues as of yet.
    Good luck, PM me if you wish.

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