After the Open Carry meeting, I stopped on the way home at the QT at I-435 and 24 Highway. That's not a hugely safe place, so I went ahead and carried inside. Said hello to the gal behind the counter, and went to the bathroom. Got out and got a drink. While putting the lid on, I saw a KCMO policeman behind the counter. As I was walking back to pay for the drink I got my wallet out (I'm a leftie and my wallet was on the left side, didn't want any confusion.) Paid for my drink and left. Nobody said a single word out of the ordinary to me.

After that, went to pick the kids up at the YMCA in Parkville. I foolishly failed to check their weapons ordinances, so I decided to keep my firearm in my lockbox instead of carrying. Afterwards, I tried to look up Parkville's codes without luck. They have a nice website, but without the codes. Does anyone know? If not, I'll go to City Hall and check.

Did I mention I love KC? Now, Gladstone is a different story.