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Thread: Out Door Shooting Ranges in San Diego Area!!!

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    Out Door Shooting Ranges in San Diego Area!!!

    I am looking for some outdoor shooting ranges in San Diego County. I use to plink out in Kitchen Creek past Alpine when I was a kid. It closed down due to people littering.

    Attached is a website thats list some areas butif you know of any more please respond.

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    I usually go out to Ocotillo and head toward the mountains. No one ever bugs me out there. Occasionally i go to McCain Valley as well. It is a little more populated so it isn't as good a place.
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    Steps for success!

    step 1: Drive to the Alpine forestry service ranger station off the 8.

    step 2: Buy a map. $10 or $15 something like that

    step 3: Cry over how expensive the map is.

    step 4: Find the light yellow areas on the map that denote BLM land. (not the slightly different shade of yellow that is Indian reservation that looks very similar and is really annoying)

    step 5: Drive around all day near the border tying to find access to the BLM land with out having to drive through private property, that is 150 feet away from buildings and roads and that has a safe back drop to catch your bullets and that is parallel to the border not perpendicular. ( boarder patrol doesn't want you firing into mexico)

    step 6: Find the perfect spot in the hills just past ***** on the ** around 6pm as it is getting dark.

    step 7: Drive home and tell the wife you had a great day shooting (make a note of that location so the next time you get a day off you can actually fire some rounds)

    step 8: ????

    step 9: Profit.

    Don't **** up the place with trash and ****. Keep it clean and the border patrol will leave you alone. I have a special area that I go and shoot at, I always bring a garbage bag full of trash with me when I go home and it is looking better every time I go there. Border patrol know me and are very friendly.

    Using google maps with the satellite view is good to get some ideas but its no substitute for just driving around and checking it out for yourself.
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