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Thread: One of our own was hurt. Mr. Zien had a bike crash.

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    One of our own was hurt. Mr. Zien had a bike crash.

    I wish him well. I wish he was still in Wisconsin politics...

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    This is too bad he was very involved in bikers rights & a nice guy I knew him back in my ABATE days. He fought for Permitted Concealed carry PPA legislation for many years & if he was still in Politics in Wisconsin he would be all for PERMITTED concealed carry. But like most of the "old Guard" still in office He would not have backed Constitutional carry, his best friend in the Assembly was Rep Scott Gunderson another "old Guard" pro Permit guy. It amazes me how these self proclaimed pro gun types can't get the crap out of their eyes and embrace Constitutional carry, you can't claim to be for the right to keep & bear arms yet push for permits.....the two just don't go together. Get well Dave !!
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