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Thread: Newbie question

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    Newbie question

    Hello, I am a current CCW holder and I have a question regarding the displaying of the "No Weapons" Signs.

    I have had my CCW for a little over two years and was told that just because a sign is not posted doesn't mean you can necessary walk into an establishment with your hand gun concealed. It is the responsibility of the holder to know if it is legal to carry. For instance my employer does not have signs displayed but I know for a fact I am not allowed to carry at work since it plainly states this in the code of conduct manual.

    Does this statement still hold true for other private establishments? I have read mixed statements on this in the past and do not recall seeing specifics in the Ohio CCW Manual.

    Also, I'll be heading to Florida soon and my wife and I plan to travel (by car) with our guns. Is there anywhere I can find specific by-laws about Florida in regards to CCW? For instance, it is perfectly legal to carry in restaurants in Florida but not Ohio.

    I appreciate any info anyone has on this. I carry my weapon every opportunity I get and am extremely comfortable, but I'm not sure about open carry. Maybe the more I read on this site the more appealing it will be


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    You have a duty to know statutory CPZs (liquor establishments, etc.) and avoid carrying in them. You have a duty to obey reasonably posted private property. That means that if you see a "No Guns" sign at an entrance, you cannot carry there. That does NOT mean that you must ASK if the business is not posted. If asked to leave, posted or not, you must leave. It also means that you are not responsible if you carry into an unposted establishment, or one which is posted in such a way that a reasonable person would not know it (employee bulletin board, area not accessible to customers, etc.). You CANNOT be prosecuted for entering a non-statutorily prohibited establishment which is neither posted, nor which has not told you that carry is forbidden.

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    Cool Newbie Question

    Deanimator hit the nail on the head. I would also look up the Florida statutes and read them so that you will be reasonably informed upon arrival. It's always good practice to research the laws of your destination, to avoid unintentional mishaps.

    You guys have fun!

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    A good place to find info

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