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Thread: Concealed permit & current address requirement?

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    Concealed permit & current address requirement?

    I have a question about getting the Nevada permit?
    My current address is different from my drivers license address. It is my understanding your address must match your driver’s license.
    In Utah you update your license on the internet and at the end they tell you to put a sticker on the back with your current address.
    And for you Utah concealed permit you just send an email to update your address, then they reply back with, ” Thank you your address has been updated”.
    Neither of them require you to get a new license or permit for a new address.
    So is it going to be ok to apply for the Nevada permit with my license this way, a sticker on the back?

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    My mailing address is not my residence, I use a UPS box. I chose to have my mailing address on my DL which is allowed in Nevada. I had to bring proof (I used a utility bill) of my residence address for my Permit.

    If I were you I would call the office where you plan to apply for your Nevada permit and ask them how to proceed.

    I hope this helps.


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