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Thread: Stats Replying To President's Op Ed Piece In Arizona Newspaper

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    Stats Replying To President's Op Ed Piece In Arizona Newspaper

    This was posted as a comment by Anne_PA on :

    Obama also throws out statistics about people killed by criminals who happen to use guns every year in his comments but fails to mention that number has been reduced and why it has been reduced, mostly likely because the answer is inconvenient to his anti-gun agenda and ideology."

    30,000 Gun Deaths per year!

    However, a deeper look reveals the following:

    1 .Suicides account for about 48% of deaths by guns. They need to be taken off the figures, as suicide will take place with or without a gun. So now we are down to 16,300 deaths per year to deal with.

    2. Homicides account for about 16,000 gun deaths in the US annually. Half of the homicides are blacks on blacks while blacks are just 13% of the population. If we figured out the social issues among blacks in the US, homicide rate would have dropped by about 40% with no change in guns ownership.(Data for 1995-2005.) Most of these homicides are with illegally owned guns, but how many of them would be avoided if guns weren’t around? (See suicides above…) So now we are down to about 9300 gun homicides. (8000 among whites, and 1300 among blacks which will bring the rate to same as whites proportional to population.

    3. As far as accidental deaths in 2007 , 39% cars, 18% poisoning, 16% falls,….only 0.6% guns!
    *** Even deaths from medical mistakes are three times higher than from gun accidents***.

    4. Gun homicides decreased during the mid 90's and remained stable to date, in-spite of population growth, and dramatic increase in gun ownership. Accidental guns deaths have decreased over 90% during the last 100 years! (Again, in the face of population growth and increase in gun ownership).

    5. There are about 9300 gun homicides (not counting the disproportional high rate within the black community) and about 700 accidental gun deaths in the US every year. 10,000 too many deaths, but nothing like the 30,000 number that is used to call for a “gun ownership crisis” in the US. The only crisis at hand is that some people, while calling themselves “Americans” are trying to take away from our Constitutional gun rights.

    (Sources; FBI, CDC, US Census Beureau,
    When in danger you can dial 911 and hope for the police to arrive a few minutes later armed with guns.
    Why do police carry guns?

    The Joyce Foundation funded firearm control empire:

    "Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see." - Martin Luther King Jr.

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    But all these liberals say...
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