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Thread: Retired Cheif of Police thinks OC is agood Idea

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    Retired Cheif of Police thinks OC is agood Idea

    I have an uncle that is retired cheif of police in a town in Kiowa county Ok. just talked to him on the phone. He thinks Open Carry is A good Idea He Said " I think it would cut down on crime" To bad all LE don't feel the same way. I grew up in Granite. which is in greer county and moved to Wa. was suprised to find out they had open carry here. Now I go every where OC but still have to cover up when I come home to visit. It su%ks
    I truly Love my Country, But the government scares the he!! out of me.

    Congress SHALL NOT receive A salary greater than any service member and will be given EQUIVELANT insurance as any service member

    I came into this world kicking and screaming covered in someone else's blood. And if necessary to protect the Constitution of The United States of AMERICA. I will go out the same way

    All hail the Domain of Neptunus Rex

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    I sorta know how you feel. I OC'd when stationed in VA all the time. Now that I'm stationed here I can't but I sure do when I go home to my folks in WA.

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