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Thread: House Passes Bill to Allow Guns on Campus In Idaho

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    House Passes Bill to Allow Guns on Campus In Idaho

    Following an hour-and-a-half of arguments, the Idaho House passed a measure this morning that prevents Idaho's universities from banning guns on campus other than in undergrad residence halls.

    "I want to live in a country and in a state where citizens are armed," said Republican Rep. Ken Roberts.

    "I've heard from way too many students and professors from the University of Idaho that are asking me to oppose this bill," said Democratic Rep. Shirley Ringo.

    The measure now heads to to the Senate for consideration.

    I truly Love my Country, But the government scares the he!! out of me.

    Congress SHALL NOT receive A salary greater than any service member and will be given EQUIVELANT insurance as any service member

    I came into this world kicking and screaming covered in someone else's blood. And if necessary to protect the Constitution of The United States of AMERICA. I will go out the same way

    All hail the Domain of Neptunus Rex

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    I wonder.....

    I wonder how many students and faculty contacted Rep Ringo supporting lifting the ban. I am sure she would not tell me. Nice to hear of a Representitive saying he WANTED people to go armed.

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