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Thread: Outdoor Ranges near Raleigh/Franklinton/Wakeforest/Youngsville area?

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    Outdoor Ranges near Raleigh/Franklinton/Wakeforest/Youngsville area?

    Hey guys, i tried getting a membership up at SSI in franklinton county but no luck, all the slots were filled so now i'm trying to find another outdoor range to become a member at where you can sort of "do your own thing" by which i mean you have your own bay and can set up targets and drills how you like vs going to Eagle 1 or PDH and standing in a static bay, or comepeting in IDPA or something. Thanks for any help! Being in an apartment i don't exactly have property where i can do it on my own.
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    I feel your pain there Maverick. I would like to have a few acres out in the country to set up my own range. I visited Eagle1 not too long ago, and was there for almost an hour just browsing. By the time we left, there was about 10 people in line waiting for a lane, and some were there when we arrived. Sportman's Lodge in J'ville changed their rates about a year ago, haven't shot there since. B & R in Havelock, when they are open, is usually flooded with Marines(jarheads) and trigger happy I-can-shoot-better-than-you-good-ol-boys. The range is 200yds for target frames with a steel pig on the rifle side at 219 yds. And to top all that off, there is a cease-fire every 15-20 minutes to let shooters put up a new target and check groupings. And that puts you at the inconvenience of waiting for someone to be overly casual about getting downrange and back. Have serious intentions of going to Paradise Outdoor Range near Greenville this weekend for range day to show support for the SCCC chapter at ECU.

    Sorry for the rambling, just passionate about finding a place to shoot.
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    Paradise is the best place I've shot at so far. Eagle 1 in Raleigh isn't too bad, I'm just not a fan of indoor ranges. Also, some ranges have really strict rules that takes the fun out of shooting. I remember when Davis in Raleigh had a range a few years ago. They made you watch a 30 minute video on gun safety and take a test. The safety course also set you back about $10. You only had to do it once a year, but it was still a pain.

    When I got my range pass at Eagle 1, I had to fill out a small form and that was about it. I understand we are dealing with firearms and we all should be serious, but making someone take a 30 minute class is ridiculous. Paradise doesn't have any class, Randy just goes over the rules with you the first time you come out.

    My grandfather has the perfect land in Johnston county (about 15 acres) for shooting, but he won't let me shoot anything but a .22 on it. Apparently it "scares" the neighbors surrounding his property. But, he claims that he has never gotten a complaint from anyone.

    Check out PDHSC on Tryon Road, I've heard good things about them.

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    I've been to PDHSC several times. It's a good range, but doesn't really have anything Eagle One doesn't unless you are a paying member. In that case, there is a second range with steel you can shoot. Oh, and you can rent Class III weapons there.
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