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Thread: Level 2 Retention for Bersa?

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    Level 2 Retention for Bersa?

    I carry a Bersa Thunder .380, and I'm carrying it in just a Uncle Mike's Super Slide Belt holster. It is comfortable, and decent for the cost, but I would really prefer something with a trigger guard lock and the thumb break snap. I'm beginning to think they don't exist.

    Do they?

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    Sure, quiet a few of them. Most of the manufacturers list the specific models they make rigs for-just chekc their sites. (id link a few, but unable to access those sites from work).
    Also, have you checked the Bersa site itself?, there is a line of holsters they re-sell or whatever there as well.

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    If you wanna go old fashion, PPK flap holsters are readily available. Don't know if they are in production, but they are easy to find for sale on the web.

    For a newer design, go to a uniform store and find a Safariland rotating hood holster that fits the profile of your Bersa. This would give you level 2, and the option to upgrade to level 3.

    A trigger guard lock holster may be difficult if not impossible to find.
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