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Thread: OC at Bass Pro Shop

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    Smile OC at Bass Pro Shop

    OC'ed at Bass Pro in Rancho Cucamonga today for about 2 hours (its hard not to get sucked in at that place) -- no firearms-prohibited-issues, no complaints, no problem from the employees, no police called.

    While we were at the gun counter talking with one of the employees, he was surprised I didn't have a permit and asked more than once what law allowed me to carry. Had a productive (I hope) conversation about 12031, 626, etc, and why I believe in OC. He started off fairly negative, but I think mostly it was because the employees aren't allowed to carry while at work. :-) Another employee even answered one of his negative-statements by asking him how many school shootings had been prevented because of the GFSZ Act!

    All in all.... a good day. And my longest OC outing so far. :-)

    Now that I'm all pumped up, any OCDO members interested in a South OC get together?


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    That particular store has been good to the inland empire OCers. Definitely good to see them continuing their friendly policy.

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    reply from Dan H. Dugger manager Bass Pro Shops Manteca:

    If you are bringing in a handgun in a holster, unloaded and you are openly carrying on your side you are welcome to have that firearm in the store without a trigger lock. If you have a Concealed and Carry permit it can be loaded and concealed in the store. If we see a concealed weapon we will ask if person has a concealed permit. Any other firearms will need to be trigger locked at the door including handguns. I am sorry for the confusion on this issue. If you openly carried into our store we should have let you do so. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I hope you have a great day.

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