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Thread: Rep Hilton To Hold CHP Class In The Legislative Building In Raleigh

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    Rep Hilton To Hold CHP Class In The Legislative Building In Raleigh

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    I wish I could get in on that for $25.

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    It'd be nice if *everyone* could CC into Federal buildings, but I guess they're called baby steps for a reason.

    Still, glad we've got pro-second people in our legislature. Could be a hell of a lot worse, and is in many states.
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    This article has a VERY big error in it. It says that Hilton filed a bill to "do away with pistol permits". This implies that you need a permit to own or carry a gun in NC.


    He filed a bill to do away with Handgun Purchase Permits. This "Jim Crow" law that allows Sheriffs to arbitrarily issue purchase permits for handguns is a gross injustice, and a racist law that was passed to keep "the wrong kinds of people" from buying handguns. And by "the wrong kinds of people", they mean the poor, minorities, and people who aren't politically connected.

    The Handgun Purchase Permit law in NC is an embarrassment. It is a disgusting bit of Jim Crow left over from a very ugly time in America's history, and it needs to be abolished. the Federal NICS system makes these purchase permits nonsensical and anachronistic. Plus, the law is written to allow Sheriffs to set their own arbitrary standards for issuign these permits. They are not "shall issue" like CHPs, and serve only to discriminate, and as a revenue stream for Sheriff's departments.

    I applaud Rep. Hilton for setting up this CHP class for his fellow legislators, and for sponsoring this bill.

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