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Thread: Good LEO encounter during traffic stop between Hattiesburg and Columbia

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    Thumbs up Good LEO encounter during traffic stop between Hattiesburg and Columbia

    Well I was driving to Hattiesburg in my red vette going a lil over the limit and was pulled over. I was carrying my Taurus .40 in a behind the back holster. The officer was polite when approached the car and asked for my license and Ins card. I politely handed the License and my CCW pernit, while digging in my walet for my Ins card. The officer asked if I was armed at the time I replied yes sir, He then asked where the weapon was and I told him on my back. He noticed My Inspection sticker was absent and asked how long I had the car and I said I had just gotten it a couple months ago. He asked me when I planned on getting a sticker and I said if you let me off with a warning I will get one while in Hattiesburg. He laughed and said how will I know if you get one? Then said I will just have to take your word for it and have a nice day. Many thanks to the officer, and if you read this forum I did get the Inspection done while in Hattiesburg. Much respect for the job you guys do. Corey

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    I got a cop to laugh once.

    I was pulled over early morning, just topped off fuel tank and picked up some coffee. I was taking my first sip of coffee while cresting a hill at a high rate of speed. (wasn't thinking just got on road and was thinking about my coffee and the long trip ahead)

    Cop was on other side of hill. I passed him and he got in behind me quickly. We pulled over, he reached my window and I said "I was hoping there was a wreck up the road".

    He stopped looked confused and said What? I said it again, then explained when I saw him come up fast behind me it was either a wreck up ahead or he was chasing me.

    He actually laughed and put away his ticket book. He said he though he had heard them all, commented on I just came up with a new one. I explained I was preoccupied by my coffee and apologized for speeding.

    He said slow it down, then walked away.

    Nice encounter, glad cops are still human out there.......... We all make mistakes no harm no foul. A warning is enough sometimes.

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