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Thread: A Practical Look At The Reality of Defensive Gun Use

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    A Practical Look At The Reality of Defensive Gun Use

    I take a look at the often forgotten reality of defensive gun use.

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    Very nice read, thanks!

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    I enjoyed reading what you put together. Thanks!


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    A very nice article and points out the need for some type of self defense strategy espeically in the home and preferably a gun. The report you referenced and linked to by the NIJ was extremely interesting and a great example of the old "How to lie with statistics" deal. Any report, good or bad, needs to be taken for what it is worth to you and examined very closely. No matter what it does point out that defensive gun use does occur and quite often. Now the discussion comes to how often does it happen and it seems that no one really knows. From the quoted section below it makes one wonder about the accuracy of the study.

    For example, in only a small fraction of rape and robbery attempts do victims use guns in self-defense. It does not make sense, then, that the NSPOF estimate of the number of rapes in which a woman defended herself with a gun was more than the total number of rapes estimated from NCVS
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