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Thread: More Proof Brady's Lie

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    More Proof Brady's Lie

    Like we didn't already know this...
    But here is some undeniable facts they are purposely lying about.

    1) They have on their website that Big Wok has joined their "Gun Free" dining program.

    2) We went to Big Wok today for lunch and they had no knowledge of this website or any such policy. They welcomed 10 of us there while open carrying without issue.

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    LOL Ah, boldly dishonest, those Bradys! Maybe they're having such a difficult time trying to get the public to sign on with their idiocy, that they're now just signing people up without their knowledge. This smacks of desperation.
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    Tell a lie often enough and it will be quoted as fact.

    Doesn't make it so, but it is as much about what people think is true, as it is about the truth itself.

    That is way we must stay vigilant and answer/refute the anti claims at every opportunity.
    Better to not open your mouth and be thought the fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

    You will not rise to the occasion; you will fall back on your level of training.” Archilochus, 650 BC

    Old and treacherous will beat young and skilled every time. Yata hey.

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    Magazine Clips. Huh

    I carry a Magazine. Help, not sure I understand Magazine clip.

    The intent of all the anti's is to disarm the American people. Nothing less...p
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    Like this.
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    A citizen may not be required to offer a ―good and substantial reason-- why he should be permitted to exercise his rights. The right‘s existence is all the reason he needs.

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