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Thread: Hi new guy here

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    Hi new guy here

    Hi guys, I'm originally from California but I'll be moving to Harrington, DE in a few months. I was hoping to get a CCDW and figured it would have to be easier to get one compared to home, but unfortunately the more I read it doesn't seem to be that way . If Im going to be here for a year or less (not quite sure how long) would it even be worth applying for one? I know OC is an option for the majority of the state but I know if I would feel comfortable doing that. Maybe.

    I've scanned through all the threads in this section but I was wondering about a few things. If I get a Utah ccw, could I carry for the short time until I become a legal DE resident? Do you guys have any tips in general for making the ccdw process smoother? Thanks!
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    First, Welcome Aboard.

    The more supporters of Open Carry, the better.

    As for the legal question, I can't answer that myself, but I recommend for something more comprehensive.

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