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Thread: My neighborhood bill goes to commitee tommorrow

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    My neighborhood bill goes to commitee tommorrow

    since you guys are probably the only people that i know for a fact will help, i ask for you to call your reps and ask them to support HB196 in the government committed tommorow. if your rep is on this list, please give them a call!!

    This bill would de-annex my neighborhood and knock almost 1000 dollars off my annual tax dues. at the time all this happned 3 out of 301 families supported annexation. that it def not a majority. and we need all the help we can get to over turn it. the city of goldsboro has done NOTHING for us to warrant the extra taxes. the put up street lights and also increased our garbage fees (which they have a monopoly on) and are also trying to make each home fork over an average of 7500 dollars for sewer installation.. its a complete racket.. Thanks for your support!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC_Biggs View Post
    at the time all this happned 3 out of 301 families supported annexation
    Wait since when does ~1% not speak for the whole?!

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    These is beyond the purpose and scope of OCDO - not remotely connected to RKBA.
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