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Thread: Gotta love kids...

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    The other day my son is playing with lego's. He then comes up to me, and shows me his "helicopter" he made; and proceeds to tell me that his helicopter is the "leader of his US Army and rules over his entire lego country.

    To which I reply, "Well son, having the military control the civilian population is never a good idea, the military is good for war, and should only rule on military bases, and other soldiers".

    Then he says "It's OK dad, because his "Army leader" does not take away peoples guns, so they can still protect themselves from bad guys, and just in case the Army tries to do "bad things" to the "regular people".

    He is 7 BTW, and just thought I would share.

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    Outstanding upbringing, i say!!!
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    out of the mouths of babes.

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    OUTSTANDING! That is proof that there is hope for the next generation of gun enthusiasts.
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