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Thread: USPSA Match Saturday, 26 March, Greenville NC

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    USPSA Match Saturday, 26 March, Greenville NC

    Just a "heads up" for anyone in the Greenville area.

    Match is at Pitt County Wildlife Club and registration starts at 9am.

    You'll need a major-caliber handgun, about 150-200 rounds of ammo, a gun, a holster, and at least 4 or 5 magazines. Also, you'll need eye and ear protection, and bottles of water or juice or sports drinks are always a welcome addition to the range bag. I usually take a basic cleaning kit and lube too, for tuning up between stages...

    I can't remember the exact fees, but I think match fee is $20.

    The weather for Saturday looks pretty dicey--cool and cloudy, with a slight chance of rain in the morning, increasing in the afternoon.

    I'm planning to go to this match, but I'll admit--I'm a fair weather shooter. If it's raining, I'm staying home. The idea of running through the mud in 50-degree weather in the rain is NOT my idea of a fun way to spend my Saturday morning, and I'll be damned if I'll pay $20 for the privilege...
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    I will not be able to make this one, because:
    -Financial reasons (I'm broke, lol)
    -Running low on handgun ammo (until I get powder to reload)
    -I have an ADDA certification exam next Tuesday that I need to study for, and various other fun filled tests I need to study for
    -Already dedicated myself to helping a friend paint his house before he moves

    And if it is going to rain, I definitely don't want to be out there either. I had my fair share of shooting with my hands just about freezing off, and thats no fun.

    I am definitely, for sure, going to the multi gun competition on April 30th though. Dreamer, we should see if we can get our shirts made up before then
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    I won't be able to make this one either (poor and low on pistol ammo). I'm hoping to attend the multi-gun match though.

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