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Thread: Motorcycling through....

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    Motorcycling through....

    Hey all... great and informative site here. I wanted to get some feedback.

    I will be traveling from VA to FL on my motorcycle this summer. Since GA does not honor my VA concealed permit, can I travel though GA 'open'?

    This is the first time I am traveling through a state that does not honor my VA CCWP.

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    Virginia law requires that the issuing authority provide the means for instantaneous verification of the validity of all such permits or licenses issued within that state, accessible 24 hours a day. Georgia has reported that they do not have this capability at this time. (Our licenses are issued by the Probate Court and they tend to go home around 5PM most days, .... go figger)

    Therefore... in Georgia's view of the law you don't possess a valid Weapons License. And, since a Weapons License is required to carry either openly or concealed in Georgia, you are prohibited from doing either. You can transport, but you can't carry, to the best of my knowledge.

    If you have more than a week or so before your trip, investigate an Arizone Non-Resident license. I hear it's a quick turnaround.
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