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Thread: Pro 2nd Amendment Music. (MIGHT NOT BE FOR EVERYONE).

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    Cool Pro 2nd Amendment Music. (MIGHT NOT BE FOR EVERYONE).

    RIGHT ARM OF WYOMING (or "RAW" for short) is a one-man libertarian Republican hardcore punk/industrial rock band from Casper, Wyoming.

    Songwriter/lyricist/guitarist/bass player/drummer/producer Michael W. Dean says "I moved out of California after buying my first gun." He believes that "California would be a beautiful place to live, if it weren't for all those damn Californians."

    Michael W. Dean sang and played bass in the 80s and 90s in the San Francisco band Bomb (Warner Brothers). He played guitar in the early 80s hardcore punk band The Beef People, and sang and played bass in the mid-80s post-punk band Baby Opaque.

    ABOUT THE BAND NAME: Michael says, "You may wonder, what does the name Right Arm of Wyoming mean? Well, it does NOT mean 'right wing.' I'm libertarian. I relate with the right wing more than the left wing, but I'm NO-wing. "Right Arm of Wyoming" is a take-off on the phrase, 'Right arm of the free world', a description of the world-famous battle rifle, the FAL. I like FALs. That's my FAL (and my bass guitar) in the logo photo."

    Contact info and Website:


    I DO NOT have any connection to this band, nor am I promoting them for profit. I just ran across some of their songs from this album online and thought that it was refreshing to hear something that was a bit loud and "in-your-face" that was a positive message FOR the 2nd Amendment!
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    Thumbs up

    true freedom, but that weed aint worth a crap
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