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Thread: Portantino Cancels AB 144 Safety Committee Hearing

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    Portantino Cancels AB 144 Safety Committee Hearing

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    Public safety mentioned before this meeting may be cancelled due to something related to Ammiano but it may have been a different meeting. The other is maybe the person from PORAC was not available.

    This bill is just foolish but should provide some interesting entertainment until it gets to certain levels. I thought last year was messed up when NOPE this year has so many more hidden treasures than last year. If it moves through as-is the courts will overturn this one. Maybe we can just add in a challenge to the unloaded provisions while we are at it.

    An unloaded gun in two parts is a disassembled gun

    An unloaded gun is a non-functional gun which according to some Sheriff's departments it is lawful transporting not truly open carry at all.

    We will still defeat this, we just need to wait for it to get past PS committee. Last year AB 1934 was heard around 4/6 and by the time they figured out they messed up the meeting they pushed forward to appropriations missing the ball. It moved through manipulation and unethical tactics which we will have no problem this year nailing on violation of oath of office through a FPPC complaint.

    Big daddy is watching this year much closer.

    How many bills can we sink in the path of this open carry bill? Care to try again?

    Let it go Portantino because this always gets ugly.

    Helping the rape robbery and murder of innocent people through unlawful regulations only fits a terrorist agenda to increase crime and allow citizens to be victimized.

    Once in a while you must look at and consider if it is worth your future in politics? Unless you know you are done like Saldana who is now being watched and will be defeated through public exposure under her practices against the minutemen, and open carry ban where she made identical statements. She violated the FPPC disclosures of gifts and committed crimes in the process of the violations of laws and government codes.

    Ask yourself why the government and feds took interest in open carry due to the attempted banning. If open carry gets banned there will be some serious concerns that will surface. Banning will only create other avenues that may be less desired for anti-gunners. Unloaded does need to go away so it is really open LOADED carry.

    Portantino, we just moved in to your jurisdictions at your request. See you 4/21 and often

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