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Thread: New to the site, been reading for a while though. Questions about Durham

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    New to the site, been reading for a while though. Questions about Durham

    I live in Durham (right by the orange line, my house is in durham county by a few hundred yards ) am 18 and wish to begin to purchase/open carry. I understand the whole no buying from dealers, only private parties law. I am just curious as to what the difference in durham county is because I have heard some things about there being different laws there.

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    You can get a Pistol Purchase Permit. Sheriff might say no at first though like they did for me. Call the AG office and have them call the sheriff if they say no.
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    It more than likely will be an uphill battle for you, simply because your 18, and most sheriffs think that you have to be 21. Check out the other posts about this issue, and bring all the documentation you can find (highlight pertinent areas), and have the AG office on speed dial.

    Good luck
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