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Thread: new gun = new holster!

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    new gun = new holster!

    hi everyone- just ordered a glock 26 gen4. i plan to conceal carry mostly, but since i travel alot, i would like to OC as well. i would like a good OC holster that stays snug to the body. i usually OC my xd40 with a blackhawk serpa, but can't use it for CC because it doesn't stay snug. I know the g26 is smaller, so that prolly won't be an issue.

    any suggestions? i would PREFER one that locks like the serpa holster...


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    Safariland makes several ALS (Automatic Locking System) holsters that should do the job. Instead of the trigger finger releasing the lock the thumb does. If the dimensions are the same as the previous Gen Glock, length and width, it should fit no problem.
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